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Healthy Home + Self Series how to find Non-Toxic fabric and How to use Crystals for personal energy

June 14, 2020 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. VIA Zoom Webinar

Wellness in your home starts with knowing what, your furniture is made of. Learn how to become intentional when designing your home. Self care is the space for you to go inward and discover yourself on your own terms.

Wellness.Designed Series. Part 1. FABRIC

Healthy Home, what to expect in the workshop

  1.  What's in the fabric you sleep on?
  2.  What to avoid when purchasing bedding.
  3.  What to look for when purchasing fabric for your home.

Healthy Self**, what to expect in the workshop**

  1.  Learn to use crystals to support your personal energy.
  2.  How to choose what crystals are right for you.
  3.  End with a grounding meditation.